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Cloud migrations are not just a quick lift-shift your current infrastructure to the Cloud, it needs to follow a certain set of processes to achieve the successful migration to any cloud. At 3S DATA CLOUD, our experts have helped companies to successfully migrate their infrastructure to Cloud without any disruption and they make sure it is fast, cost-optimized, and also they are efficient in setting up automation processes to take full advantage of the Cloud.If you're already having any app running on managed data centers or on private servers, Migration is the first step to be eligible to take advantage of the cloud.

As migration process, we define your cloud journey, plan steps accordingly and execute efficiently.Your business-critical applications and databases may need re-architecting, re-platforming or operational support. Or you may be working with difficult data and analytics use cases, with huge data volumes, several data pipelines, or complex environments. Regardless of your pain-point to migrating to the cloud, our wide range of cloud expertise means you have access to support before, during and after the migration.


The assessment phase is where the team will use a mixture of software tools and consultancy best practices to discover what applications can be migrated, what their current configurations are, the people within the customer organization that will be impacted by the migration, and the dependencies of the application. The output of the assessment will include a comprehensive plan for what to do with the application and the expectations on availability and functionality


The migration phase is when the recommendations in the assessment plan are put into place. The following steps are usually taken.
• Setup cloud subscriptions using best practices for security, connectivity, policies and general governance prior to migration to ensure that customers are using cloud correctly from the start.
• Perform the migration using the prescribed method identified in the assessment plan: rehost, retire, replace, rearchitect or retain.
• Evaluate and test to ensure the migrated application meets the criteria outlined in the assessment.


In the optimization phase, we will use security and management resources to govern, secure, and monitor the cloud applications. This is also the time to look for opportunities to optimize spending. Common tasks at this stage are:
• Review Cost Management and Advisor to track spending and identify areas for cost savings.
• Evaluate migrated applications for opportunities to right size over provisioned virtual machines and services.
• Implement automation to resize or stop based on a utilization schedule.
• Identify applications that could benefit from optimization with platform as a service (PaaS) services or containers.

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