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Historically, DevOps is a term frequently used in Information Technology (IT) industry. It is a practice, which advocates tighter integration and collaboration between development and operations team. By adopting DevOps, organizations can experience faster release of software applications, updates roll out, defect identification and resolution and stable operating environment.

It is a collection of flexible software creation and delivery best practices that aims to integrate the Software Development and IT Operations that are always misaligned. With a tactical approach, DevOps solutions have both working together to eliminate roadblocks and focus solely on accelerating the creation, deployment, and continuous scrutiny of the software into the final application.

Internet of Things

3S Data Cloud is a recognised leader in the Internet of Things, from edge to enterprise. We drive success for our partners through a comprehensive ecosystem of services, software, hardware and solutions. We use our 360-degree view of market from the heart of the technology supply chain to create and optimize IoT solutions. Unlock the potential of IoT by leveraging our proven expertise in the critical technologies needed to create complete solutions, including application development and deployment, cloud, components, data analytics, mobility, security and networking, smart objects, and systems infrastructure

Cloud DevOps Ecosystem at a Glance

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